PayThunder Mirror
An improved point of view

What is Mirror?

PayThunder’s ‘Smart-mirror’ solution allows converting a tester into an instrument to improve the actual sales of the businesses as well as enhances the user experience during the purchase in a retail store.

The Smart-Mirror is perfectly integrated into the tester, allowing the customer to know additional information about the items they are testing, as well as requesting that they bring another suitable size without having to leave the tester.

Additionally, it offers products related to the garment you are testing, enhancing the purchasing decision and facilitating cross-selling.

Stock and payment friction-less.
Through the smart-mirror solution, it has been possible to integrate the stock of the online store with the existing one in physical store and it has been possible to make the payment of orders online by means of physical TPV, taking the best of both worlds.

Unleash the full potential of Mirror

Mirror and its artificial intelligence take your business to another level.

Size Selection

Mirror allows the user to only press a button to send a notice to an employee that needs a different size of the garment that has seleecionada, without leaving the tester.


When the user has a selected garment, recommendations or sets will appear on your screen that may interest you and may ask you to take it to the tester.


At all times the user can request assistance or help from the tester, or if the user wants to speak directly to him from this.

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